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Exploring What 90s Offered In Cinema

The year 1990 marked the start of an era that was going to be fundamentally different than anything that came before it. The year after all was the last decade of the 20th century. And, it did not disappoint. The many movies that came out in the year marked a transition period where the indian Film Industry was finally getting back the movies that gave it a different kind of standing in the world. The movies that came in the year was not only something that redefined trends but also established them in the first place. Given how amazing the year as a whole was it only makes sense to explore the many movies that came out in the year.

Let’s go through some of the movies that came out in the year 1990 หนังออนไลน์


Aashiqui happens to be one of those movies that continues to be relevant even though so much of time has passed since the movie came out. The movie had Rahul (Rahul Roy) and Anu Verghese (Anu Aggarwal) as leads and was a love story. The movie revolves around Anu who aspires to become a model whereas Rahul dreams of becoming a singer. Soon both their dream come true but Rahul is under the impression that he got the job because of Anu, and this ends up creating a rift in their relationship.

The movie was both a commercial and a critical success with the music of the movie being chartbusters and are findly heard even today.

Pyaar Ke naam Kurbaan

Billo Chaudhary is played by Mithun Chakroborthy. He is a motor mechanic who plays holi with an arrogant and wealthy Rajkumari Devika Singh played by Dimple Kapadia. She is of the opinion that blue-collared workers are lowly and his behaviour angers her and she gets her beaten up by her brothers, and imprisoned. Once Billo out of the prison, he decides to teach the brat a lesson. The movie is a good watch and talks about the class differences that has created a divide amongst many in the country.


The story of Bahurani is one that takes you into the life of two sons of a landlord. While one is very humble and down to earth, the other one is quite egocentric. One of the sons gets marries to a bitter and tough girl and then a series of events leads to certain circumstances which changes the life of all involved.

The above movies not only defined the 90s but set a precedent that was followed y many more in the years to follow.If you are interested in more then just head to one of the more popular ticketing portals available on the web.

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