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Use Caution When Purchasing Football Tickets Online

Hmmmmm, you are up next in your Fantasy Football Draft, and are torn between 2 receivers of about equal ability and value. All things being the same, how do you know which is the better pick? Taking an in-depth look at bye weeks could answer that question.


…make a cheat sheet with the bye week listed beside each player’s name and position, and carry to your Draft. I know you think you will remember, but in the heat of the moment, you need to be sure. It really stinks when you look down and see your starting QB and RB have the same bye week, because you are relying on memory alone.


draft for the best talent first, or as situations arise, using the bye week as a qualifier only! For example, if you are about to pick, and the owner picking next is the only one without a starting Defense with one round left, what about picking the only decent defense  แทงบอลออนไลน์ out there, leaving him trash? It keeps you from having to choose between 2 low level WRs with bye weeks that conflict with your schedule. Or if you already have a starting WR with a week 6 bye, but another stud has been passed over and falls to you, take him even if he has the same bye week.


…pick multiple positions with the same bye week multiple weeks! Sound confusing? Well, what I mean here is, make sure you do not have 2 starting WRs sitting in week 5, with your Tight End and Defense off week 7. This makes decisions tougher for you, and you may even have to cut someone to make a decent line-up. Try to spread your bye weeks around between your players.


…pick Tight Ends, Kickers or Team Defense / Special Teams with early bye weeks! You do not always end up with backups for those positions after the draft is over. Since you may have to cut someone to pick a replacement for them, you may cut someone early in the year who is about to explode. Drafting these positions with later round byes gives you plenty of time to see who the performers and pretenders are on your team, and you will not be losing a stud.

In closing, don’t let Bye Weeks eat up too much of your time. Just make sure they are spread out, and you don’t have too many of the same bye weeks at any one position, and you will be fine. For a list of bye weeks, go to the NFL’s website, or check out The Sporting News Fantasy Football guide. I use these year in and year out for Draft Day advice and seasonal research.


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